Blue Moon Taffy

Blue Moon Taffy

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We can’t think of any flavors that are more quintessentially Michigan than the delightful taste of blue moon. As one of the most popular ice cream flavors in the state, it is no wonder we needed to perfect it in our freshwater taffy. Made with fresh local ingredients and wrapped the old-fashioned way, this sweet and chewy candy can be shipped to your home for regular enjoyment.

The flavors of blue moon taffy remain unidentifiably delicious to most Michiganders. Ask five people what blue moon tastes like and you’ll likely get five different answers. Whether it’s almond, pineapple, raspberry, or a combo of fruits mixed with the richness of vanilla, blue moon is the flavor of our youth, and we don’t really care what flavors were mixed to get it. Savor the nostalgic flavor of your favorite childhood treat with our freshwater Blue Moon Taffy.

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